9h00 - Welcome and introductory remarks - Yap Boum II

9h10 - Session 1: CoVid-19
Moderator : Fatouma Mabeye, MSF WACA, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Epidemiological and medical characteristics of patients in MSF programs. Anaïs Broban
  • Focus on Afghanistan and Yemen. Amna Haider et Flavio Finger
  • Clinical description and outcome of patients admitted in the MSF CoViD treatment center,Herat, Afghanistan. Elisabeth Poulet
  • Preliminary results of SARS-COV-2 seroprevalence and retrospective mortality surveys inlow-income countries (Kenya, DRC, Yemen, Mali, Niger). Etienne Gignoux

10h25 - Break

10h45 - Session 2 : Cancer
Moderator : Christopher Mambula, Médecins Sans Frontières, France
  • Cancer, a new challenge for MSF: example of an oncology in project in Mali. Claire Rieux etMarie-Hortense Koudika
  • Improved outcomes for Kaposi sarcoma using pegylated liposomal doxorubicin. Matthew Coldiron
  • Cervical cancer prevention in Malawi: HPV vaccination and cervical pre-cancer screeningcoverage. Sibylle Gerstl & Robin Nesbitt
12h - Session 3 : Update on projects
Moderator : Anne-Laure Page, OMS, Suisse
  • Diagnostic performance and feasibility of FujiLAM to detect tuberculosis. Helena Huerga, Chenai Mathabire Rücker and Pascale Lissouba
  • Practices and challenges related to antibiotic use in paediatrics in Niger and Uganda. Céline Langendorf
12h45 - Break

14h15 - Digital health's innovations
  • Contribution of (new) technologies in epidemiology. Anton Camacho
15h40 - Break

16h - Session 4 : Neglected patients
Modératrice : Anne Bissek, Ministère de la Santé, Cameroun
  • Evaluation of the Inoserp antivenom for snakebites in Cameroon. Fai Karl
  • Validation of a clinical score for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium ulcerans (Buruli Ulcer)infection in Cameroon. Rodrigue Ntone
  • Abortion-related complications and their clinical management in a referral hospital of aconflict-affected setting in Central African Republic.. Estelle Pasquier
17h - Session 5 : Vaccination
Moderator : Mamady Traoré, Médecins Sans Frontières, France
  • Fractional dosing of vaccines: when less could mean more Aitana Juan Giner
  • Ebola vaccination: what's the problem? Natalie Roberts
  • Effectiveness of conjugated typhoid fever vaccine, Harare, Zimbabwe. Maria Lightowler
18h - Closing remarks (Emmanuel Baron)

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